February 15

Cinema Galeries (Studio)
Koninginnegalerij 26 Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels

Free entry + popcorn. Reservation required:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Sculpt the Motion (Italy)
by Devis Venturelli

Sculpt the motion shows continuous transformations of metallic bodies through different urban plans. Contemporary architecture is a scenario for a performance, an experience as a sculptural promenade in a continuous flux.
Experimental Film // Duration: 00:06:08

The Kingdom of Men (Hong Kong)
by Sham Kwan Yin

An experimental short integrated the creative process of contemporary theatre art in filmmaking. Exercising the concept of the theatre of absurd, the screenplay depicts a group of jailers who are ridiculously assigned by the authority to endlessly guard an long abandoned ancient prison - how would the jailers live their lives? How would the protagonist ‘boss’ who only knows obedience in his life face the absurd situation of guarding the empty cells? Three new recruits, educated together by the country, embarked on different journeys after relentless fighting, competition, and conspiracy. What would be their upcoming fate? A deserter realizes the absurdity of such situation - his escape has shaken the worlds of the remaining jailers: should they succumb to the powerful and guard the empty cells or should they pursue their freedom? - if the creation of the ideal kingdom, 'the Kingdom of Men, need us to sacrifice our free will, is that the right thing to do? The question remains.
Experimental Film // Duration: 00:22:31

Mr. Darcy (China)
by Xuyu Zhang

This film is a portrait of Mr. Darcy Lee Pearson, a former telephone insurance seller who now has been living in deprivation and poverty. Darcy, aged 37, lives in Boscombe, the suburb of Bournemouth, one of the most deprived regions in the South West England. Darcy suffered depression long ago and went through a mental meltdown since then which trapped him in a life without any hope. In this film, Darcy spoke his minds to camera candidly and talked about his internal status, his past life and his vision for the future.
Documentary Film // Duration: 00:37:32

Kev (Belgium)
by Clémence Hébert

Kevin is a child who runs away, breaks things, cannot speak, has a partly cut-off ear. The type of autism he suffers from is said to be so severe that most institutions refuse to care for him. The filmmaker has been visiting him regularly with her video camera since he was 14 years old; now he is 18. The film follows him from one living situation to another, without any certainty about the future, and invites us to approach an entirely different relationship to the world.
Documentary Film // Duration: 00:50:00