February 16

Cinema Galeries (Studio)
Koninginnegalerij 26 Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels

Free entry + popcorn. Reservation required:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Into the Stream (United Kingdom)
by Alexey Marfin

A fable for the media-saturated age. In a world of viral videos, memes, and fake news, cats ride skateboards and people get struck by lightning, as one man erodes the boundary between his online world and his real life.
Narrative Film // Duration: 00:11:50

The Dancer (France)
by Anaïs Desmond

A tear inside of which a dancer, half human half flower, is born and streams down Rovski’s face. She walks and dances through incredible worlds, working her charm and meeting with obstacles like a rite of passage.
Music Video // Duration: 00:03:00

Open Wide (United Kingdom)
by Behnam Taheri, Gideon Beresford

A trip to the dentist - with a happy ending.
Narrative Film // Duration: 00:04:40

Onikuma (Italy)
by Alessia Cecchet

Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses. Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms.
Experimental Film // Duration: 00:12:02

Aranay (Cuba)
by Rudolf Fitzgerald-Leonard

Fifteen year-old Aranay prepares to leave Cuba to join her parents in Belgium. Her grandmother, Olga, wants to give her a gift to remember her by, as she begins life in her new country. That is, if she can find her before she leaves. Why is Aranay hiding? A simple story of the divide between generations and nations, and the distance which lies between. Produced as part of the 'Taller de Autores: Filmando en Cuba con ABBAS KIAROSTAMI 2016'. Produced with the support of Screen Australia.
Narrative Film // Duration: 00:07:23

Songs in the Sun (Denmark)
by Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard

On a hot summer day, Anna visits her childhood friend Julie, on the Danish island Møn, where they both grew up. Julie is obsessed with an old Danish myth and spends all her time in the forest. According to Julie's mother Sonja, Julie is depressed. Anna is there to cheer Julie up and convince her to give up her childish fantasies. But as the three women relax on the beach under a clear blue sky, Julie disappears. In the course of one single hot summer day an ancient Danish myth changes the life of three different women. Songs in the Sun is an art-house thriller, set in the dramatic landscape of the island Møn, about lost friendship and the need of spirituality and myth to cope with grief.
Narrative Film // Duration: 01:10:15